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Tips for effectively preparing an education fund

Education, it’s important for your future. This is an idea that has been planted in our heads by our parents and we’ll likely plant the same seed in the minds of our children, insisting that education is one of the core components of stability and independence.

Knowledge is power, right? However, are you prepared for education today as well as the challenges that come with it?

Education appears to not be as straight forward as it once was. Economic landscapes impact the way people pursue learning, institutions cost more…

With rising student loans and a flurry of other obstacles, a plan to set up an education fund for your kid’s future may be wise. Here are some tips that could help.

Start early (if possible)

Some parents may not have had the opportunity to begin an education fund for their children early enough. Sometimes life gets in the way and it's not impossible to begin saving later on, right?

Well, the earlier you begin planning for your child's future, the easier things can get (gradually). Early planning can save you a lot of trouble in the long run and, not to mention, help you enjoy more opportunities for cheaper rates that may benefit candidates tremendously.

Consider all the available financial solutions

Whether the likelihood of getting a scholarship is or isn't very high or whether you just aren't interested in tying your child down with a loan the moment he or she graduates, taking a look at the many financial solutions out there and identifying the one that suits your situation best might be a good idea. Building wealth through financial instruments can be a very smart decision if you go about it properly.

Products like unit trusts (collective investment funds), fixed deposits (an investment that promises a fixed rate) and junior savings accounts (offered by banks for children) are some options to consider.

Scout for education plans

Education plans can be found offered by various insurance companies and can help with financing your children's higher education. These options might allow endowments and insurance coverage, which means that you have the opportunity to invest in various investment-linked funds based on the level of risk you're comfortable with. These savings can be built and eventually used to fund your child’s course at any accredited university, whether local or overseas.

Rely on an expert advisor for proper planning

Annual inflation rates can be hard to predict and parents who are hoping to send their kids to good academic institutions or who want them to pursue a tertiary education overseas can expect to fork out hefty amounts of cash. Tuition fees can be tricky to manage and financial solutions can be difficult to decide on.

This is why getting a financial advisor to guide you through preparing an education fund might help tremendously. Fund management should be viewed as a crucial part of building a secure financial base for your child’s future endeavours. With their knowledge and experience, advisors can help you establish a financial structure made up of options and decisions tailored to your budget and financial situation.

Education funds can be great for overcoming concerns about your child’s academic future. However, as with other things, proper planning and effective decision making should not be ignored. Paying attention to early preparation and getting a proper advisor to help can help you build a solid financial footing for your child education. Contact me today to find out how I can help. Let your child focus on academic success and not worry about whether adequate funding is available for his or her education.

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